Where to research the 2016 Georgia Elections (political candidates and ballot questions), with local DeKalb county examples

DeKalb County sealQuick and awesome tools for researching candidates and ballot measures for the 2016 elections in Georgia.

Using DeKalb county as an example, I also show you great places to learn more about your local races! With a has a newly-updated quickstart section, this is a detailed follow-up to my introductory post on how to research political candidates.

Newcomer's guide to the USG IT conference at Rock Eagle

Rock Eagle logoIs this your first year attending the USG IT conference at Rock Eagle? Get some "secret" tips that will make your conference a great experience. To get a general idea of how the conference is organized, peruse the 2015 agenda (also available as a 2015 PDF schedule). And then read on for registration and parking maps, packing tips, social media links, and more! (Updated for 2015)

Marriage record of Amelia Marie Fox and Herman Ray Frank of Wayne, Indiana in 1904

header of marriage register page Abstract (as well as links to original document image) of the marriage record of Amelia Marie Fox and Herman Ray Frank in Wayne, Indiana, United States from 1904.

Estate of David Frank of Darke, Ohio in 1866

header of estate papers Transcripts of various estate records (including children's guardianship) for David Frank of Darke county, Ohio from 1866 to 1869. [Download record images as PDF (6 MB).]

James Hedges, Letters to the Surveyor General, 1809-1811

Hedges signature from one of these lettersFour letters sent by James Hedges (while in St. Clairsville, Belmont, Ohio) to Jared Mansfield (U.S. Surveyor General) from 1809 to 1811. Note that James was not listed in the index to volume 1 or 4 of these collections. Download the images of these letters as a PDF (6 MB).